Capsule 6

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'Capsule no 6' draws its main inspiration from the design of our new logo (released simultaneously), which becomes its central element.

This tricolour cloud symbolises the dream and the creative process that come before everything we produce. Playful in its form and colours, it is designed to be intelligible to the greatest number of people, like each of Mosaert’s creations.

Capsule 6 is composed of around fifteen unisex pieces and was produced entirely in Europe with only recycled and/or organic materials. To push eco-responsible thinking to its limits, accessories such as labels and hang tags have been redesigned and are now made of recycled material.

More muted overall than previous collections, Capsule 6 presents monochrome pieces for the first time. We also played with materials and their different textures, like corduroy, to create patterns. Nonetheless, we find several prints crafted according to the label’s usual technique, namely geometric ‘paving’, the veritable DNA of the brand.

In terms of the colour palette, the objective is the same: accentuate the logo. We have therefore opted for a range of three natural colours (blue-grey, khaki and earth), available in different shades. Each of these resonates with a colour of the cloud.