Capsule 8

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'Capsule no 8' is an ode to self-acceptance. With its tight but comfortable cuts, its palette of nude tones and the addition of new sizes (XXL is now available), we hope to appeal to everyone whatever their skin colour or body type.

The main inspiration for this new project is the skin. "I was very inspired by freckles and beauty spots when creating this collection. For me, it echoed pointillism and the whole trend of abstract art. I wanted to combine the two to highlight the beauty of what some consider flaws or imperfections." says Coralie Barbier, our fashion designer and creative director.

We've also added several new items in its range, such as cycling shorts and leggings. Everything is made of soft, light materials to give the impression of a second skin. A few accessories complete the clothing line; two bucket hats, two bum bags and a silk scarf made of recycled polyester. And those who don’t like their clothes too close to the body will love the oversized down jacket and quilted trousers set or, for a sportier look, the shorts and sweatshirt with detachable sleeves.

All these pieces are made in Europe, mainly from recycled and organic materials, and are available in limited quantities.

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  • Coralie Barbier Creative director & fashion designer
  • Antoine Melis Photographer
  • Cyprien Delire Director
  • Samir Dari Photo assistant
  • Barthélemy Decobecq Photo assistant
  • Joffrey Bello Photo assistant
  • Yannick Baguet Photo assistant
  • Rayan Imoula Gaffer
  • Robin Niedergang 1st camera assistant
  • Alicia Dubois Hair
  • Charlie Magny Make up
  • Luc Van Haver Creative director
  • Paul Van Haver Creative director
  • Roxane Hauzeur Product manager Mosaert
  • Gaëlle Birenbaum PR & Comm manager Mosaert
  • Evence Guinet Executive Assistant Mosaert
  • Mathilde Miller Content & Community Manager Mosaert
  • Diego Mitrugno Office Manager Mosaert


Léa Mokambia
Romy Daniëls
Gil The Grid
Santa K