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On 6 April, Mosaert presented its very first fashion show at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris to mark the release of its latest collection, "Capsule n°5".

At the show, 2,000 spectators were treated to an “enhanced fashion show" combining movement and choreography by esteemed dancer and choreographer Marion Motin.

The set was designed by Mosaert and Le Bon Marché’s creative teams and was set to an original 10-minute soundtrack titled "DÉFILER," created by Stromae especially for the occasion. The song was co-composed with our artistic director, Luc Junior Tam.

The recording of the show was directed by Sacha Wiernik and Luc Junior Tam.


  • Coralie Barbier Fashion Designer
  • Luc Van Haver Artistic direction
  • Paul Van Haver Singer-Songwriter-Composer
  • Luc Junior Tam Director
  • Sacha Wiernik Director
  • Franck Rondepierre Director of photography
  • Michel Denis Producer
  • Gaëlle Birenbaum Press relations
  • Roxane Hauzeur Product manager
  • Artistic and Image Director (Le Bon Marché) Frédéric Bodenes
  • Emeline Chattelier Scenographer (Le Bon Marché)
  • Elena Fertil Project manager (Le Bon Marché)
  • Marion Motin Choreographer
  • Freecaster Shooting facilities
  • Raymond Dulieu Executive Producer
  • Tugdual Le Boru Sales manager
  • Michel Di Bella Production manager
  • Sophie Rovedo Line Producer
  • Mathieu Bréchoire Fashion Show Director
  • Pauline Faydit Script
  • Patrice Morel Camera 1 Operator
  • Lionel Sautier Camera 2 Operator
  • Grégoire Darrasse First Ass. Camera 2 Operator
  • David Sutter Camera 7 Operator
  • Brahim Chhiba Junior Camera 4 Operator
  • Karim Boucherke Steadicam Camera 3 Operator
  • Thomas Gante First Ass. Camera 3 Operator
  • Laure Caniaux Camera Operator
  • François Henrion Equipment Chief
  • Camille Benoit Gohin Camera Technician
  • Olivier Fouillet Sound Operator
  • Matthieu Oliveira Sound Assistant
  • Christophe Nibaudeau Cabling Chief
  • Charle De Cillia Video Assistants
  • Maxime De Cillia Video Assistants
  • Martin Negro Video Assistants
  • Benjamin Pethitory Junior Technician
  • Simon Poujol Rigger
  • Novelty Light Equipment
  • Benjamin Pasqualini Site Manager
  • François Julien Project manager (Novelty)
  • Jean-Michel Spano Chief Electrician
  • Kevin Bellay Light Consol Operator
  • Florent Charnier Enslaved Light Technicians
  • Benjamin Pratt Enslaved Light Technician
  • Bruno Gaultier Light Technician
  • Martin Pierchon Light Technician
  • Franck Casset Structure Technician
  • Renaud Magnan Structure Technician
  • De Préférence Sound Equipment
  • Sébastien Mançois Sound Manager
  • Pierre Lesourd-Jouan Sound Engineer
  • Mathieu Liège Sound Technician
  • Solène Stéphany Sound Technician
  • Benjamin Yème Sound Technician
  • Studio L'Equipe Color Grading
  • Dominique Marcel Production Manager
  • Blaise Jadoul Color Grading Assistant
  • Aldo Mulone Color Grading Assistant
  • Aldo Mulone Color Grading Assistant
  • Benuts Post-production and VFX
  • Nicolas Corson VFX Supervisor
  • Alexandra Meese Coordinator
  • Malo Vandercruyssen Compositor
  • Cédric Delhaye Data Wrangler
  • Kévin Lemaire Data Wrangler
  • Hadrien Huvelle Technical Support
  • Benoît Baudson Editor
  • Océane Yvert Editor Assistant
  • Veerle Zeelmakers Calibrator
  • Panavision Camera Equipment

Special thanks to

The hair & make-up team : Alicia Dubois, Stephanie Aznarez, Jean Philippe Beaupied, Joséphine Brignon , Mathilde Dhordain, Charlie Magny, Nicolas Mancia, Roberto Manzo, Gaëlle Mennesson, Magalie Roux, Yann Turchi 

The dancers : Kevin Bago, Stephane Deheselle, Hortense de Gromard, Nathalie Fauquette, Tamara Fernando, Stessy Emelie, Cindy Emelie, Matteo Gheza, Shirwann Jeammes, Tom Grand Mourcel, Brandon Masele, Suzanne Meyer, Guillaume Queau , Rickysoul, Sema-Tawi Smart, Skorpion, Léa Vlamos, Stencia Yambogaza

The models : Lidwine Bertrand, Britt Groenendaal, Dan M, Alexis Renard, Martin Rocchia, Harriet Rose, Salma, Malckom Valentino, Christina Wallace

The extras : Emma Barouti, Valentin Beaufils, Pierre Elie Boma, Amandine Brisaer, Mathieu Cobos, Aida Lopez Cortes, Clementine Embry, David Ferran Monroy, Quentin Ferrari, Océane Giner, Axel Jacomme, Joel Konan, Malik Labidi, Amelie Laporte, Carla Lopes, Paul Lopez, Andréas Maanli, Margot Mateus, Aloise Mbilima, Elric Montorier, Anthony Namane, Marion Nelide, Maxime Pannetrat, Alicia Rodriguez, Marylou Rodriguez, Guillaume Rohrbacher, Marion Stidler, Margot Strahodinsky, Edgar Thion, Joeanna Vachez