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    Dua Lipa

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  • Producer

    Campbell Beaton

  • Executive producer


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'IDGAF' is the sixth single taken from Dua's album "Dua Lipa". Conceptualized by Henry Scholfield in collaboration with Mosaert (Paul Van Haver and Luc Junior Tam) and directed by Scholfield, the music video externalizes the conflict of a breakup.

‘For the concept, we wanted to embody the sense of empowerment in the track, whilst going beyond the literal breakup context. A visual of the internal struggle, showing the two sides of Dua’s emotive state, like an argument with someone you love. The strong Dua at first berating then eventually persuading her weaker alter ego that they both don’t give a f***’ says Scholfield.


  • Henry Scholfield Director
  • Paul Van Haver Artistic direction
  • Luc Van Haver Artistic direction
  • Henry Scholfield Artistic direction
  • Katie Dolan Executive Producer
  • Sam Jackson Production Manager
  • Zoe Travica Production Assistant
  • Pau Castejon DoP
  • Morgan Kennedy Production Designer
  • Marion Motin Choreographer
  • Anna Cofone Dua Hair
  • Francesca Brazzo Dua Make Up
  • Lorenzo Posocco Dua Stylist
  • Michelle Humphrey Nail Technician
  • Louise Hinton Hair and Make Up
  • Charlie Watkins Seamstress
  • Johnny Rayner Editor
  • Glassworks Online
  • Joe Billington Online Producer
  • Daniel De Vue Colourist
  • Ben East 2D Lead
  • Leanne Pletersky & Sacha Danjou 2D
  • Alex Burford @ Warner Bros Records Commissioner
  • Ben Mawson @ Tap Management Management