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    Juin 2013

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The “Papaoutai” clip depicts the pain of not having a father around in a sweet world reminiscent of the "sweet sixties". The absent father is incarnated by the full-size doll of Stromae which, with its clumsy and inappropriate attitude, represents this shadow of a presence which is not a real presence.

"The houses in the clip were actually very small - the garages were barely the size of a small car and the doors were only fit for a 7-year-old! For the indoor filming, the decorators played with perspective in order to create an impression of more depth for the viewer."


  • Raf Reyntjens Director
  • Rik Zang Director of Photography
  • Luc Van Haver Art Director
  • Eva Van Riet Producer
  • Jonas Van Herp Producer
  • Marion Motin Choreographer
  • Yves Verstraete Art Director
  • Coralie Barbier Stylist
  • Britt Angé Stylist
  • Caroline Koreman Stylist
  • Lili Dangvu Head of Make-up
  • Corentin de Saedeleer Post Production Supervisor
  • Helena Overlaet-Michiels Editor
  • Helena Overlaet-Michiels VFX
  • Caviar Post Grading


Chaz Buzan, Emilie Camacho, Nastasia Caruge, Dylan Laboid, Thierry Menda Malebo, Yanis Maurin, Karl Ruben Noel, Vibez, Ceasare Willis