Ta fête

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    February , 2014

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With a modern peplum style the clip for "Ta Fête", the 4th single from the "Racine Carrée" album, depicts a character desperately attempting to escape from assassins in a maze-like arena.

In the 3-minute clip, the protagonist is a metaphor of a man trying to escape his responsibilities, but all he achieves is to put it off for a while. Stromae is the master of ceremonies, the machiavellian puppet master who enjoys watching the poor man trying to escape the inevitable.

Filmed in Courtrai and Schaerbeek from 17-19 March 2014, the clip was put online 3 months later.

"To create the huge retro-futuristic stadium, we simply needed a real building that was under construction as well as a green space in both Brussels and Gand. During the filming for the final scene, the participants of the "games" had to run across the grass and ropes were used to show the ledges the climbers were running on."


  • Lieven Van Baelen Directors
  • Nicolas Karakatsanis Director of Photography
  • Lieven Van Baelen Director of Photography
  • Luc Van Haver Art Director
  • Eurydice Gysel Executive Producer
  • Lander Engels Producer
  • Kim Vandercruyssen Production Coordinator
  • Bieke De Keersmaecker Post-production Supervisor
  • Freddy Verhoeven First Assistant
  • Tine Verbist 2nd Assistant
  • Raynor Arkenbout 3d Assistant
  • Nina Vandenhout Chef de File
  • Het Digitaal Geweld Post-production Editor
  • Manu Van Hove Post-production Editor
  • Remy Javaux Post-production Editor Assistant
  • Nozon Confo, Mastering & VFX
  • Joost Van Kerckhove Digital Grading
  • Senstudio Sounddesign & Mix
  • Senjan Jansen Sounddesign & Mix
  • Bert Aerts Sounddesign & Mix
  • Bart Bleuze Focus Puller
  • Kristof Meert Focus Puller
  • Iris Vrints Clapper Loader
  • Ada Detraz Clapper Loader
  • Robin Depraetere Data Handler
  • Tim Janssens Chef Electro
  • Felix Ryckebusch Electro
  • Florence Preud’Homme Electro
  • Marco Van Der Veken Key Grip
  • Nils Desmet Grip Assistant
  • Tomas Van Camp Grip Assistant
  • Erik Trappeniers Quad Driver
  • Geert Paredis Art Director
  • Yannick Sanchez Art Director Assistant
  • Sanne Rubbrecht Art Director Assistant
  • Oliver Fimmers Art Director Assistant
  • Jacques Van Loock Painter
  • Coralie Barbier Costume Designer
  • Roxane Hauzeur Costume Designer
  • Judith Van Herck Costume Designer
  • Chloé Thielemans Costume Designer
  • Julia Weisbrich Costume Designer
  • Louise Assomo Costume Designer
  • Wim Muyllaert Costume Designer
  • Katrien Baetsle Costume Designer
  • Lili Dang-Vu Head of Make-up
  • Sky Van Der Hoek Make-up Assistant
  • Marco Maes Stunt coordinator
  • Ron Sleeswijk Stunt Coordinator Assistant
  • Paul Koops Stunt Coordinator Assistant
  • Brian Van De Vooren Stunt Coordinator Assistant
  • Martin De Laveleye SFX
  • Pierre Wiedart SFX
  • Wim De Waegenaere Location Manager
  • Andreas Vermeulen Location Manager Assistant
  • Mika Rosemon Location Manager Assistant
  • Naïm Vandenbreede Location Manager Assistant
  • Soetkin Dewulf Location Manager Assistant
  • Bran Christiaens Location Manager Assistant
  • Bram Stappers Location Manager Assistant
  • Stephanie Coopmans Location Manager Trainee
  • Nele Kempeneers Location Manager Trainee
  • Caroline Adriaens Craftgirl
  • Claude Monserez Medic On Set
  • Wim Dewaegenaere Local Scouting
  • Nina Strynckx Location Scouting
  • Marco Maes Casting ‘Main Roles’
  • Wim Dewaegenaere Casting ‘Extra Ennemies’
  • Wim Dewaegenaere Casting ‘Extra Audience’
  • Sarah Gevaert Catering
  • Kristiaan De Witte Security Night
  • Said El Machichti Security Night
  • Mohammed Hamed Security Night
  • Gerda Van Den Neucker Accountancy
  • Lites Camera Equipment
  • Cine Qua Non Grip Equipment
  • Spots Light Equipment
  • Boergondia Catering Supplier
  • Stuntteam Hammy De Beukelaer Stuntteam/Casting Stuntteam
  • Casting and Location Casting

Special thanks to

Tailleur “La Cambre”, De Meuter, AZ Groeninge, All crew, actors and extras