• Artist

    Yael Naim

  • Release date

    November 2016

  • Producer

    Mosaert / Tôt ou Tard

  • Executive producer


  • Views on Youtube

The video clip tells the story of an old woman, formerly superhero, who’s trying her best to go through a difficult time in her life. Our heroine, at prey to doubts and sadness, is in denial of her ageing and do not completely accept the physical changes that she undergoes.

The video clip questions the feeling of cowardliness, illustrated in our heroine’s story by her refusal to accept the reality. It also questions the thin line that separates courage from cowardliness and vice versa. To what extent her relentlessness can be seen as courage? Is it not simply the fear of the future?

Choosing a superhero as principal character allowed us to address the antithesis of cowardliness as main topic in order to highlight it, because by definition a superhero is never a coward. Moreover, it also permitted to stick to Yael Naim’s writing which evokes maternity, but more generally, the feeling of cowardliness that we can all experience once we’re confronted with serious decisions/steps in our lives.


  • Paul Van Haver Director
  • Luc Van Haver Director
  • Martin Scali Director
  • Tôt ou Tard Label
  • Emilie Damon Marketing Manager
  • Phantasm & Mosaert Production companies
  • Gary Farkas Producer
  • Katya Mokolo Line Producer
  • Coralie Barbier Costume Designer
  • Loud Executive Production
  • Diane Corrieras Mur Executive Producer
  • Xavier Perpiña Executive Producer
  • Claudia Robert Production Manager
  • Chloé Rosell 1st Assistant Director
  • Marc Mirò Director of Photography
  • Helga Otero Focus Puller
  • Luis Blanco Aux. Camera
  • Nico Lasarre Steadycam
  • Xavi Torres Key Grip
  • Dani Verge Gaffer
  • Quique Cantero Sparks
  • Borja Casas Sparks
  • Cesar Vega Sparks
  • Albert Piñana Genny Operator
  • Filippo del Bello Location Manager
  • Anna Romero Art Director
  • Gal-la Seguí Art Assistant
  • Alfonso Mancha Prop Master
  • Laura Santos Prop Master Assistant
  • Rubén Lázaro Builder
  • Janou Monteagud Wardrobe
  • Patricia Reyes Make-up Artist
  • Laura García Make-up Artist Assistant
  • Gorka Martín Driver