Paul Van Haver (better known by his stage name Stromae) is a Belgian singer-songwriter-composer born in 1985 in Brussels to a Belgian mother and a Rwandan father.

In his youth, Stromae played football and had drumming lessons as well as lessons in music theory. Thanks to his mother, he was already influenced by foreign music at this early stage.

Stromae and his siblings (he has three brothers and one sister) were raised by their mother. Later on, for the final few years of high school, Stromae was sent to Saint-Paul Godinne boarding school.

Initially, Stromae chose "Opsmaestro" as his stage name but later changed it to "Stromae" (an anagram of "maestro"). Aged 18, he made a mark on the music industry when he brought out the rap and video "Faut qu’t’arrêtes le rap" with his friend J.E.D.I, the two friends formed a group called "Suspicion".

Two years later, the pair parted ways and Stromae chose to continue studying cinema at a private university. To pay his tuition fees, he worked part-time at Quick (a Belgian fast food chain). During this period, he brought out his first EP, "Juste un cerveau, un flow, un fond et un mic" which had 4 tracks on it. However Stromae quickly changed his mind and decided to study cinema at the National Institute for Radio Science and Cinematography (INRACI) instead, specialising in Sound Engineering.

Stromae signed with the music labels Because Music and Kilomaitre in 2006 and either wrote or co-wrote songs for Melissa M, Kery James, Anggun and others. In this period, Stromae also did a series of short funny educational YouTube videos called "Les leçons de Stromae" [Stromae's Teachings] showing viewers how he composed his songs.

In 2009, Stromae worked as an intern at NRJ, a French radio station that is also broadcasted in Belgium. Julie Van Heuverswijn and Vincent Verbelen (who was in charge of Musical Programming at NRJ at the time) decided to include Stromae in their programme. At that time Stromae created Mosaert, a label of his own which was a part of Universal Music France, and he brought out two singles: "Alors on danse" and "Up Saw Liz". On 21 June 2010, Stromae brought out his first album, "Cheese".

The success of this album was astonishing and Stromae's music went international. This was the true beginning of the Stromae phenomenon.


  • Racine carrée
    Racine carrée

    Release date

    August 2013


    Spotify or Apple Music

  • Cheese

    Release date

    juin 2010


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  • Juste un cerveau, un flow, un fond et un mic...
    Juste un cerveau, un flow, un fond et un mic...

    Release date



  • Berlin Music Video Awards 2016
    Best Visual Effects Trophy for "Quand c'est?"
  • D6Bels Music Awards 2016
    Best Concert of the Year, Best Clip and Best Songwriter/Composer
  • Les Octaves de la musique 2015
    Spectacle of the Year
  • Victoires de la musique 2015
    Concert of the Year
  • Music Industry Awards 2015
    Pop Category, Best Solo Male, Best Clip for "Ta Fête" and Best Live Act
  • NRJ Music Awards 2014
    Honorary Award
  • Redbull Elektropedia Awards 2014
    Artist of the Year, Best Live Performance and Best Clip for "Ta fête"
  • World Music Awards 2014
    Best European Artist and Best Belgian Artist
  • Les Octaves de la musique 2014
    Artist of the Year, Bel RTL Public Award and French Music Album for "Racine Carrée"
  • Globes de Cristal 2014
    Best Male Singer
  • Victoires de la musique 2014
    Best Male Singer / Best Clip for "Formidable" / Best Variety Music Album
  • Music Industry Awards 2014
    Dance Category, Best Solo Male, Pop Category, Best Album for "Racine Carrée", Best Songwriter/Composer, Best Artwork, Best Clip and Hit of the Year for "Formidable"
  • Red Bull Elektropedia Awards 2013
    Artist of the Year and Best Album for "Racine Carrée"
  • NRJ Music Awards 2013
    French Speaking Male Artist and French Language Song for "Formidable"
  • MTV Europe Music Awards 2013
    Best Belgian Artist
  • The Rolf Marbot Song of the Year 2013
    Award for "Formidable"
  • International French Speaking Film Festival 2013
    Best Clip for "Papaoutai"
  • ADISQ 2012
    Most Celebrated French Speaking Artist in Quebec
  • Les Octaves de la musique 2011
    Artist of the Year and Spectacle of the Year
  • Ultratop Download Award 2011
    Most Downloaded Artist in Belgium in 2010
  • Victoires de la musique 2011
    Electronic or Dance Music Album of the Year for "Cheese"
  • Music Industry Awards 2010
    Hit of the Year for "Alors on danse"
  • NRJ Music Awards 2009
    French Speaking Belgian Musical Revelation 2009