Mon amour

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    Stromae with Camila Cabello

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Stromae has collaborated with Cuban-born American singer, songwriter and actress Camila Cabello on ‘Mon Amour,’ a blissed-out baile-funk summer-pop song.

Together, they bring an entirely new dimension to the track, creating an undeniable soundtrack staple for the summer.

A hilarious official music video is accompanying ‘Mon Amour’, directed by Julien & Quentin. Set in “Villa Mon Amour” a fictional reality TV show where participants double down on their strategy, charisma, and seducing charms to become a finalist. The 10 participants (including characters played by Stromae and Camila) do not hesitate to use all their assets to win. Friendship, seduction, and betrayal are inevitable.

Far from disliking or mocking reality TV, it serves as a perfect prism to sublimate the human comedy that is played out in Stromae's lyrics, because in these candidates there is a bit of each of us.


  • Julien & Quentin Directors
  • Paul Van Haver Creative Director
  • Luc Van Haver Executive Director & Fashion Designer
  • Coralie Barbier Creative Director & Fashion Designer
  • Gaëlle Birenbaum Communication & Project Manager
  • Evence Guinet-Dannonay Executive Assistant
  • Mathilde Miller Content & Community Manager
  • Roxane Hauzeur Textile Product Manager
  • Diego Mitrugno Office Manager
  • Jason Felstead Executive Producer
  • Ruben Goots Executive Producer
  • Pim Verhaert Line Producer
  • Dominique Ruys Post-Producer
  • Thomas Floch Post-Producer
  • Robin Paul Post-Producer
  • Antoine Cormier Director of Photography
  • Sylla Ferre Production Designer
  • Martin Leroy Editor
  • Benjamin Hunault Graphics
  • Michelle An SVP/ Head of Creative Content
  • Marissa Ramirez Senior Director of Creative Content
  • Hanan Cher Commissioner
  • Roger Gold Management Camila Cabello
  • Gian Mitchell Management Camila Cabello
  • SHOTINMARS Service Production Co France
  • Julien MANUNTA Executive Producers France
  • Matthieu Berenguer Executive Producers France
  • Antoine Brusco Line Producer France
  • Ilona Tran Production Assistant
  • Robin Chabas 1st Ad
  • Elisa Gerard 2nd Ad
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  • Michelle Saldana Assistant Editor
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  • Studio Air Sound Mixing Studio
  • Lionel Capouillez Sound Mixer


Stromae, Camila Cabello, Conrad Taylor, Mitch Ferrier, Mickael Migliorni, Joris Zapian, Jessica Michaut, Ndeye Mbathie, Julia Pirez, Mélinda Labrosa, Sonia Twill.