• Artist

    Billie Eilish

  • Release date


  • Producer

    Campbell Beaton / Katie Dolan / Kim Dellara

  • Executive producer

    Kim Dellara / Katie Dolan

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The video for “hostage” is the collaboration and brainchild between Henry Scholfield, Billie Eilish and Mosaert.

It expresses the feeling of trying to be so close to someone that you can end up suffocating and destroying them.

« I think it is something everyone can relate to. Loving someone so much that it hurts. That it becomes overwhelming and unhealthy. Most people have experienced one side of that or the other…or maybe both. There seems to be a beauty to it, but ultimately it is dangerous and not the kind of love that can or should be sustained » says Billie Eilish.


  • Henry Scholfield Director
  • Paul Van Haver Art Direction
  • Luc Van Haver Art Direction
  • Matty Peacock Choreographer
  • Pau Castejon DP
  • Fernanda Guerrero Production Designer